Thursday, September 29, 2005

The Hate is Pure, The Hate is Good

Hi all,

Haven't updated for awhile. Why, you ask? Because I've been in living hell at work for the last 2 weeks. I've been on- call in some form for the last 3 weeks. We've been absolutely swamped the last 2 weeks. I've had to take on shipping, receiving, and ordering on top of an already full schedule. This week has been particularly hellish. On Monday, my coworker she had to go on bed rest for a week due to health problems. Now, I can understand the importance of that's not a big deal. The bitch is I am the only person at work except Tuesday and Thursday and I have to take call all week and Friday and Sunday. I had to work until 8 Monday and Tuesday, and last night I worked till 9:30. This is on salary, mind you. So, I didn't make a friggin extra dime. I've come to absolutely hate my job. It has changed my very personality...and I don't like that. I've been fluctuating between the brink of violent explosion and severe depression almost daily. I've taken to repeating the mantra "I hate my job, I hate my job, I hate my job" several times a day. Also, anytime I walk past a glass cabinet I have an overwhelming desire to put my fist right through it. I'm starting to contemplate furniture in it's air-borne state. I start thinking "If this hospital wasn't so much damn concrete I would burn it to the ground.......not good. I never used to be like this. In a little over a year I went from mild-mannered civilian to crazed lunatic. I think it culminated yesterday. I was inundated with walk in patients and hospital calls all day. The icing on the cake was when I spent an hour fitting a Down Syndrome patient with a hip brace one day post prosthetic hip revision. She started crying before I even touched her and proceeded to scream rythmically for the entire hour....even when I hadn't even done anything painful. I wasn't mad at her, but that screaming was very stressful. Especially for a straight hour. So, that started my day at 9am. Shit proceeded to hit the fan for the rest of the day. I later was chastized by the chief of surgery for trauma for something stupid my boss did the day before. After the bum rush, when I was finally able to see in-patients at 4 or so, things proceeded on their current path. Every time I went to see a patient, a nurse would grab me and tell me about someone else I needed to see. I ended up seeing patients till 8pm. After that, I still had all my notes to chart. And, to top it off, I had to make a presentation for a group of physicians for the next morning. I was thrust into giving the presentation when my coworker was sick all week and I didn't have any information about what I needed to cover. I didn't even know that much about the subject: Rheumatology. So, I frantically put together a rather generic and haphazard presentation...which I delivered today. I didn't even rehearse it. I looked it over once and said, "Oh well, guess I'll just wing it.".
The presentation evidently went over well. I about shit myself when there wasn't a usb cable provided to link my laptop to the computer attached to the projector. Luckily, someone had a memory stick. I was pretty nervous, but came across okay. I glossed over a good bit of information, but thank god the physicians asked a lot of questions. Unfortunately, I didn't include any information about upper extremity since I didn't know that was what they were looking for. So, I ended up looking like an ass there. At the end it though many people expressed their interest in sending their business our way. They may even want us to have a clinic at their offices. Overall, I think it went well. So, today was a little more low key and I was able to get a lot of work done. The only thing that's keeping me going at this point is that we are hiring a new person that starts in mid October. Hopefully after that I will be able to decompress. Also, I'm taking a week vacation the last week of October. It's the first real vacation I've taken in a year more than a day or two off here and there. The only thing else that's been going on is that I saw Wilco at a street festival last week. It was a pretty cool show. Also, I was shown a bar in town that has shuffleboard. It's a dive, but I like the jukebox. We went there with Stacey, Erin, and Dave last weekend. We played shuffleboard and darts until the college kids started coming in around 11. Anyway...enough rambling. One question though. We've heard about the worst actors and actresses, but what about the best? That is a much harder question. At least, I found it to be that. After thinking long and hard about it I keep coming back to the same name for best actor over and over.....Johnny Depp. He is the only person that I can think of that gets so absorbed in a part he's playing. Everything I've seen him in has been top notch quality except Secret Window...nothing could save that movie....not even John Tuturro (sp?) Who is another one of my favorites. Johny Depp makes you believe in the character...even if it's pure fantasy such as Edward Scissorhands. As for best actress, my vote goes to Parker Posey. I liked her in all the Chris Guest movies. In fact, several of those actors could apply to my pick for best actor ever. Anyway, let's hear the results.

Thursday, September 22, 2005

We had a big storm pass through Columbia on Monday this week. It rained about 4-5 inches according to my trashcan rain guage that I accidentally left out in the yard. The wind was really strong as well. In between storms this is what the clouds looked like. However, it was a lot more yellow in color in real life, I don't know why it came out so light in the pictures. I took about 10 shots before it started raining again. This one was without flash..... Posted by Picasa

And this is what happened when I used the flash....freaky eh? This photo is untouched, this is the way it came out. I think satan possessed my camera. Posted by Picasa

Tuesday, September 13, 2005

So that's how she gets that look. Posted by Picasa

I have seen this one several times and I came across it again. I decided to post it because it's one of those things that hardly anyone would think to notice, let alone take a picture. Here's to weird thinking people. Posted by Picasa

This reminded me of the apathy posters that Cassie linked to.  Posted by Picasa

This is exactly what I was talking about in the last post. Well, at least it can be considered a "food source". Perfect for a commercial though. I saw a picture in Newsweek today of a bastard stealing about 15 pairs of jeans. He was looking right at the camera. I hope people recognize him from his photo and promptly kick him in the nuts everywhere he goes. Posted by Picasa