Friday, October 27, 2006

bad ass

Jade and I went to a concert last night to see Witch's Hat. We were expecting a good show, but didn't expect this. This is Shaffer the DarklordThis nerdy, little white guy is quite possibly the most bad ass rapper I have ever heard, period. His style is basically Weird Al, but more vulgar and much more funny. His rap style is like Eminem...but 10 times better. I was completely blown away. If you ever get a chance to see this guy, run...don't walk to get there. Everyone MUST go to his myspace page (which should be on my friends list soon). View the video for "Cat People". It is quite possibly the fastest rapping I have ever heard. Seriously, you have to at least see a video of this guy to understand what I'm talking about. Now imagine that live, with a little comedy in between songs. It was sweet.

We saw the show at the Eastside Tavern. I've spoke of it before, but now I have some pictures of it's awesomitude. See for yourself.

These are some dolls that they have on the wall. Enlarge to get a better look...Sorry they came out so dark.

Here's Captain Spalding. I thought about going as him this year, but it was too late to put together that complicated of a costume.

okay, sideways, but cool poster.

Cool 3d skeleton and Reverend Horton Heat Poster.

I just like the lsd one.

And, of course, Witch's Hat put on a great show. They have a new guitarist that is still learning to mesh with the band. I gain more and more respect for the drummer every show....he's pretty good. They played a lot of songs from their upcoming EP. It's going to be about 6 songs that tell a story (something about pirates). The jury is still out on it, but I liked a couple of the songs. The bass player had a Legend of Zelda shirt on, and I'm going to try to talk him into incorporating the Zelda theme song into one of their songs. It would be most bad-ass.

Last week we saw the lead singer of Clem Snide and we stayed out waaaay to late on a weeknight. Did the same thing last night as Witch's Hat didn't even come on till Midnight. We are going to a costume party/concert tonight. I'm too old to keep up with all this partying. So, I'm going to sleep like the dead (the living dead) tomorrow in preparation for Halloween. Jade and I are going as Earl and Joy and are going to see a B-52's cover band made up of local musicians. I hope everyone has a deliciously evil Halloween.



Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Reel Horrorshow

I'm full swing into the Halloween mood. I went out and bought 6 new horror movies for my viewing pleasure. They have prompted me to make a post about my top 10 horror movies of all time. I was going to list all the horror movies I could think of and systematically reduce them to ten, but after working till 7:15 tonight, I haven't the energy. So, here goes.

10. April Fool's Day
9. Night of the Demons
8. Lost Boys
7. House of 1000 Corpses/Devil's Rejects
6. Return of the Living Dead
5. Nightmare on Elm Street
4. 28 Days Later
3. Evil Dead 2
2. Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2
1. The Shining

Okay, let the booing begin. This list was compiled in a matter of minutes, and I'm sure I've left out some great movies. Actually, I had a hard time narrowing it down to 10. I kept coming up with other movies I liked. Two off the top of my head that I didn't include because I don't consider them "horror" are American Psycho and Rocky Horror.

Honorable Mentions go to Milo and Otis, Babe-Pig in the City, The Care Bears Movie, Pretty Woman, Beaches, Sweet November.....all truly "horrific" movies.

So, don't like mine? Add your own to the posts...and don't forget to mention what rank they would be.

Wednesday, October 11, 2006

fascism at it's finest

Well, the ban on smoking in public places will go into effect Jan 9th
In Columbia. This momentous decision was decided by 7 people on the city council. 4 voted yes. I, as a smoker, am royally pissed. No more smoking in a bowling alley, pool hall, bar, concert, restaurant, anywhere. There, vented. What really bothers me are two things: First, an outright ban is nuts. What's wrong with giving business owners a choice. I thought America was about freedom of choice. If businesses wanted to go non-smoking, they would. Some here in Columbia already have...which is fine. I still will frequent these places. Also, people have a choice where they work, so employee health isn't reason enough. Neither is customer health, as they have a choice too. I feel like this is prohibition all over again. Secondly, I think that this is something that should be decided by public vote, not by council. After all, whom is going to be affected the most by the outcome....the public of several thousand, or the council of 7. This is probably a moot point, as the vote probably would have been a yes for the ban anyway. Still, would've been nice to have a voice.

Monday, October 02, 2006

Bested and Rested

Bowling went better this week. I bowled in the 130's and 140's. Jade's game, however, is blowing up. The week before last she got some tips from another left handed bowler. This week she went from bowling around 100 to bowling over 140. She beat me at least one, if not two games. It's amazing what moving a couple of boards over can do for your game. My hook ball continues to develop. I've finally figured out how to thow it without consistently going in the gutter. I only guttered 3-4 times this week (minus trying to pick up the 10 pin a couple times). Work is going well and I'm much less stressed. I love the fact that I leave at 4:30 almost every day and that my evenings are my own. Now, I just have to find a way to fill them.